Licensed by Indian Customs, a customs broker may act as an agent for commercial businesses importing product to India in order for a shipment to be released by Indian Customs and other government bodies. A Harmonized System Tariff classification number must be applied to each product imported. This code determines the rate of duties and taxes that must be paid to Indian Customs. With all the changing rules and regulations in cross-border transactions, it makes good business sense to use a customs broker.
Risk Management: A customs broker will ensure that the importer is meeting the many new conditions under Indian Customs Laws. A customs broker will assist the importer with the complexity of GST regulations, enabling him to take advantage of GST and other agreement opportunities that can have a significant impact on the firm's bottom line in reducing duties and taxes A customs broker stays abreast of the growing number of rules, regulations, and conditions. A customs broker provides the timely delivery of goods, which is critical for good client service. Flexible staffing Customs brokers alleviate the need for importers to have staff with specialized customs knowledge and so frees up the importer to concentrate on revenue-generating core competencies. Customs brokers manage peaks and valleys of importing volumes, creating automated entry documents from previously classified goods. This work is generally clerical in nature with some demand for knowledge of customs entry regulations. Customs brokers provide post-entry work that may take the form of a refund or other payment amendment request to the GST. Changes in information regarding the description, value, quantity or origin of the imported goods often requires further processing. Customs brokers provide shipping advice and monitoring and tracking of goods. Decreases the importer's fixed costs New technology on the part of the customs broker gives importers the ability to gain control over importing information without taking on the function. Brokerage Fees Customs broker fees are usually only a small portion of your company's overall importing cost.
A brokerage fee is usually determined by the total value of the shipment being imported. In some cases, a set rate or fee is agreed upon between the broker and client.
When importing to India a Commercial Invoice can be used. The following information must be noted on the invoice: total value of goods, currency of purchase, country of origin (of manufacture), shipper and consignee full name and address as well as a piece count and detailed description of the products.
No, but you do need to use a licensed Customs broker. ZION Express Cargo is a licensed customs broker who can easily clear your freight and deliver it to its ultimate destination.
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